Youth Ministry

Arise & Shine

The Youth Ministry takes care of the youth (13yrs and above) of the Church. Sandwiched between the children and adult groupings, the youth hitherto faced identification and cultural dilemmas, which threatened their spiritual viability. The teachings at the children’s Sunday school were too elementary for their standard, and yet the teachings of the adult ministries were far too advanced for their maturity. For these reasons, the youth ministry was established in the church for the development of age appropriate programs to meet the needs of this teenage group. Lessons taught at a typical youth class are directed to encourage the youth to live pure and holy lifestyles and to flee youthful lusts. Lessons are primarily based on biblical character studies on the lives of Joseph, Daniel, David, Timothy, Samuel, etc. The teenagers are also exposed to the works and gifts of the Holy Ghost, the various ministries in the church and the need to develop a strong relationship with God.

Its students’ wing, called Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA), operates in second cycle and tertiary institutions. It is vibrant in evangelism and leadership training. The Ministry carries out evangelism, that is, preaches, witnesses and wins souls; encourages the youth to participate fully in the programs and activities of the Church and further exposes them to the various ministries within the Church. It affords the youth the full opportunity to plan and organize programs and activities for evangelism in schools, colleges and the tertiary institutions, and encourages them to develop their gifts and qualities of leadership, plan and organize programs and activities that meet the peculiar needs and aspirations of the youth as well as carrying out other specialized Youth-related activities.

In brief, the youth ministry prepares teenagers for the future responsibilities in their service to God, the church and to be productive citizens in the society. Every teenager in the church belongs to this group.