Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry, which is the children’s wing of the Church, meets on Sundays during the adult service. Our main goal is to train up the children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. We teach the scripture and character studies of some notable biblical young characters who were taught the fear of God and grew up to become famous individuals in the society. Among the popular lessons taught in a typical children’s Sunday school class are: salvation, worship, obedience, respect, humility, bible quotations/recitations, drama, etc. It supports such training with games, quizzes and Sword Drills.

Additionally, it ministers to primary schools and orphans and organizes vacation Bible schools and camp meetings. It also conducts counseling sessions, organizes media evangelism, and carries out other specialized children-related functions. Another purpose of this Ministry is to train the children to become future leaders of this great church.

As Jesus is the friend of little children, every child in this church is an automatic member of this ministry.