About Us

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, The Church of Pentecost traces its roots far back to June 1931, when God made a covenant with a group of worshipers through a prophecy that He would raise a nation out of Africa that would be a spearhead and light to the world, heralding the second Coming of Christ; and that the Gold Coast (now Ghana) had been chosen to fulfill this eternal will and purpose of God. The prophecy continued that He (God) will accomplish this through a White Missionary from Europe who would come to lead the group in future. The group which through many trials, tribulations, temptations and persecutions will be nurtured, protected and grow spiritually and numerically, will become a great International Pentecostal church which will send missionaries from the country, the then Gold Coast, to all parts of Africa and the world as a whole. Six years after the above prophecy (1937), Pastor James McKeown was sent to Ghana, by the Apostolic Church, Bradford, U.K. at the request of the Apostolic Faith Church. With time, a series of doctrinal differences among the people resulted in a denominational split where the Asamankese leaders broke away from Pastor McKeown to form the Christ Apostolic Church.