About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymnsto God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. 26 Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.” – Acts 16:25&26

When it comes to worship, the first thing that comes to mind are usually songs, instruments and church settings. 

Don’t get it wrong, these are also part of it and are definitely a means through which we can exalt God. 

However it is essential for us to understand that worship is not limited to that. 

First of all, what is worship?

Worship is our expression of love to God for who He is to us. Ever wondered why some people get carried away in the moment, shouting and with tears rolling down their face? It’s because they can’t contain their love for God in His presence. 

It is definitely not just performance Matthew 6:5, rather a reflection of our level of intimacy with God. 

During worship you shouldn’t care about your surroundings or the people on stage, because in the moment it’s all about God.

God is not moved by empty words that don’t reach heaven. That is a complete waste of time. Matthew 6:7

What He is interested in, is your heart. Matthew 15:8

Worship God from the core of your heart as this is what Our Father is looking for: true worshippers that will worship Him In Spirit (united with Him in One Spirit through faith) and in Truth of who God is. John 4:24

Worship goes beyond specific locations or traditions, it reflects in your everyday life, where you offer your heart and whole body (inside and out) as a living sacrifice, a True act of worship Romans 12:1-2

True Worship is power, as the presence of God comes down (perceived), changes take place in the spiritual and physical realm. 

You will never leave the presence of God untouched. 

Takeaway: Remember that Worship is not just music in itself, but it is defined as a lifestyle where everything you do is out of love and devotion for your Father. 

God help me understand the true meaning of worship so that I can be the true worshipper that you’ve called me to be.

Help me by renewing my mind as I spend time in your word and experience your presence. 

Teach me your ways so I can worship You in spirit and truth in my daily life and I can learn to express my love for who You are. 

Remove any hindrance or distractions that prevent me from worshipping you in spirit and in truth, 

And help me fix my eyes on you 

Because only in You there is true freedom.

  • By Gabriella Adu